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Fillings help restore teeth that have been affected by tooth decay. The materials used for fillings are porcelain, gold, and silver amalgam. Among these materials, the most popular filling material is porcelain because it is durable and strong. To know more about tooth fillings, here are five reasons why you should get one. 

Why dental fillings are necessary

They can fix your chipped or broken tooth.

Having your teeth knocked out by accident is not an exception to accidents. A weak dental structure and poor eating habits can also damage teeth. To prevent pain and discomfort, your dentist may opt to use composite fillings. Composite fillings match the colour of your teeth. Thus, they look more natural. 

They prevent the growth of cavities. 

During the tooth filling process, your dentist removes and cleans the affected part of your tooth. Then, they will fill in the hole in your teeth using the filling material. By doing this, you can protect your teeth’ nerves from bacteria and sensitivity. 

They make the structure of your teeth in good condition.

When your teeth have holes due to a cavity, they become hollowed and loose. When your dentist applies the fillings, it can provide stable support for your teeth. Moreover, they adhere to your teeth strongly.  

They improve the colour of your teeth.

Your teeth get stained because of the following factors: smoking, too much consumption of tea or coffee and drinking alcohol. One of the best solutions is the application of dental fillings. They are considered a convenient option compared to whitening strips because they match the colour of your enamel. 

Generally, they last longer. 

With the advancement in technology, tooth filling materials can now last for more than 15 years. They are practical and can protect the teeth for a long time. Furthermore, they are durable and can endure the pressure of your teeth when chewing. 

If you’ve been putting off getting a filling now is the best time to have one. Get your oral health back on track with an appointment with your Newmarket dentist.



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