Sinus Lift

What is it?

A sinus lift, or sinus augmentation, is when bone is added to the area above your molars and premolars to increase the amount of upper jaw bone, thereby serving as an appropriate foundation for dental implants.

In order to proceed with dental implants, a sinus lift is likely required for patients who have missing teeth in the upper back jaw bone region, who have major jaw bone loss, and/or who have a sinus too close to the base of the upper jaw bone.

How is it done
  • First, an incision is made in the gums of the upper back jaw bone region and the gum tissue is reflected to expose the underlying bone.
  • Next, a very small opening in the bone is created and bone graft material is added to the area, essentially “liftin” the sinus.
  • Lastly, the gum tissue is sutured back together.
  • After 7-10 days, you will come back into the office to assess the area and remove the stitches if they have not dissolved.
  • To proceed with dental implant placement, a waiting period of approximately four to nine months is necessary to allow the bone graft material to fully integrate into the upper jaw bone.