Restore your Teeth with White Dental Filling

White Fillings


All Oasispark dental fillings are BPA-free!

BPA, or Bisphenol A, found in all kinds plastic, has been determined to have a considerable health risk. At Oasispark Dental, we restore your teeth with composite material that is always safe and  BPA-free.

Eliminating the Cavity

Cavity, a small hole in your tooth, can be a site for holding dangerous bacteria, infection, and it can also be painful. The solution to a cavity, is a filling. At Oasispark Dental, we use BPA-free, composite white fillings that are selected to match the natural colour of your teeth. We do not use metal fillings in our treatments.

White composite fillings provide restoration to your teeth that is the closest match both in strength and appearance to your natural teeth.

Amalgam (silver) filling replacement

We will replace amalgam fillings with safe, white composite fillings if you desire.

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The health and well being of our patients is always our first priority. Due to the recent developments with the Coronavirus in Canada our office is closed until further notice. If you have a dental emergency, please contact our office and leave a message.

This is following the regulatory body recommendations to suspend all non-essential treatment in dental practices across Ontario.

We thank you for your support, patience and understanding during this unprecedented event. Stay healthy and safe.

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