Discover the benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces

Clear Braces (InvisalignTM)

What is it?

InvisalignTM is a virtually invisible tooth straightening system that improves the alignment of your teeth through the use of comfortable and convenient aligners, which, compared to traditional braces, provide the least amount of interference in your day-to-day life.

When is it needed / Risks of not getting it done

InvisalignTM treatment can be an ideal method for straightening your misaligned teeth and improving the appearance of your smile at any age. If left untreated, misaligned teeth can give way to a breadth of issues that will only worsen with time. For example:

  • A bad bite can make foods hard to chew and can cause teeth to progressively wear down over time.
  • Crowded and crooked teeth are harder to clean, thereby increasing the likelihood of developing cavities and gum disease.
  • Misaligned teeth can also contribute to muscle soreness and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
The Treatment

InvisalignTM treatment begins with a free, no-commitment consultation with Dr. Nohora Martinez, who earned her post-graduate diploma in orthodontics Dr. Martinez is licensed as a general dentist in Ontario, which means she is able to provide orthodontic procedures, but at fees that are substantially lower than what an orthodontist would charge. Dr. Martinez is an InvisalignTM Gold Level preferred provider, a status given only to those who have completed a high number of cases in the given year.

If the alignment of your teeth can be corrected with the InvisalignTM system, Dr. Martinez will write a detailed treatment plan that determines how your alignment and your invisible aligners will progress throughout the course of your treatment.

If you are not eligible for InvisalignTM treatment, Dr. Martinez will present you with all of the other available orthodontic and cosmetic options that are specific to your case.

Throughout your InvisalignTM treatment, you will wear a series of invisible plastic (BPA-free) aligners, which gently straighten your teeth into their appropriate position. You will wear each custom aligner for approximately two weeks, at which time you will move on to the next aligner in your series. The aligners are completely removable and easy to clean. You don’t have to wait until treatment is completed to see your smile change; you may start seeing positive changes early in the process.

Oasispark Dental uses iTeroTM digital impressions to take a digital, 3-D image of your teeth. iTeroTM imaging quality is superior to that of putty impressions, making results immediate and turnaround times greatly reduced in creating your custom aligners.

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