Restore Your Teeth –
With White Dental Filling

Restore Your Teeth With White Dental Filling

White Fillings in Newmarket, ON

One of the most common dental treatments we perform is fillings for cavities. You may have tried visiting the dentist even at a young age just to get cavity fillings. Your experience as a child may have affected how you view your visit to your dentist. It is why we strive to create a relaxing environment for you. We see that you can enjoy your dental visit as you experience relaxation similar to what a luxurious spa can offer.

BPA-free fillings

Fillings may cause some to worry, and they have been linked to a not-so-good reputation over the years. However, advancements in technology made it possible for many dental offices like us to create and offer BPA-free fillings in Newmarket, ON. 

Bisphenol A, simply known as BPA, is found in many kinds of plastic. This chemical is linked to possible health risks. At Oasispark Dental, we value your comfort and safety. We fill your cavities and restore your teeth using a composite material free from components like BPA.

If you develop a cavity, we believe it is nice to know you have options to choose from when it comes to the materials that go into your teeth. As you enter our beautiful dental oasis, you can experience luxury spa-like treatments (like paraffin wax for your hands and our relaxing massage chair) while you undergo necessary dental treatments.

Schedule an appointment at our dental office today for your checkup. We will be happy to book you or your family member and provide any cavity fillings in Newmarket, ON, as needed.

Eliminating cavities

A cavity is a small hole that may develop in your tooth, which can be a site for holding dangerous bacteria or infection. On top of that, it can also be painful. The only proper solution for a cavity is a filling, but you can rest assured that we perform this considerably simple procedure all the time.

And at Oasispark Dental, we use BPA-free fillings selected to match your teeth’ natural colour. Our team has completely replaced the traditional amalgam fillings of the past with modern composite white fillings. We do not use any metal fillings in our treatments! Composite white fillings provide effective restoration to your teeth and most closely match them in both strength and appearance.

Contact us to learn more about our treatments and experience our dental oasis in Newmarket. Ask us about white composite fillings in Newmarket, ON, to help restore your teeth from cavities as effectively as possible.

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