What to do During a Dental Emergency

If you’ve found yourself in the middle of a dental emergency, knowing the first steps to take can help save your smile and get you out of pain quickly. As a local emergency dentist, Newmarket families frequently turn to Oasispark Dental to provide same day care for people of all ages (including children.)

Common Dental Emergencies

There are certain steps you can take to minimize the discomfort and damage of particular dental emergencies. Here are some of the most common situations that we’re called about, and what you need to do if you’re experiencing one of them:

1. Toothache or Abscessed Tooth — A toothache may be the most severe pain you’ve ever experienced. Even then, visibly abscessed teeth may not exhibit any sort of pain whatsoever. In either situation, it’s important to seek out professional care so that the infection can be stopped. In rare situations, dental abscesses can spread deeper into the face and even require hospitalization. It’s crucial to treat them in a therapeutic manner that puts your overall health first.

2. Knocked Out Tooth — Carefully pick the tooth up by the crown, avoiding touching the root. Place the tooth in a sealed container and make sure that it is fully submerged in saltwater or milk. If we see you within the next hour or two, it may be possible to reinsert it back into the socket.

3. Broken or Chipped Teeth — Like knocked out teeth, large tooth fragments can sometimes be reattached; store the broken portion similarly. Otherwise, we will bond over or smooth out the uneven surface for aesthetic and comfort purposes.

4. A Filling or Crown that Fell Out — Never attempt to glue a filling or crown back into your mouth; you may actually trap infection underneath it, not to mention expose yourself to toxic chemicals. Store your crown in a zip-top bag in case it can be recemented in place. If it’s over the weekend, you can purchase a temporary filling kit at the drugstore. Otherwise, arrange to visit us on the same day if possible. In the meantime, avoid chewing on that tooth to prevent additional damage.

5. Loose Bridge — A loose dental bridge usually indicates a broken bond or new area of decay under one end of the restoration. Of course, if it moves, it will also affect the tooth on the other end. Never attempt to glue your bridge back into place. Schedule an appointment with our Newmarket dentists at your earliest convenience. In the meantime, avoid chewing on that side of your mouth.

6. Broken Denture — Do not attempt to fix your appliance on your own. Glues may actually damage the acrylic, making your denture non-reparable. Bring your prosthesis to our office to see if it can be repaired.

How to Tell if it’s a Dental Emergency

Sometimes, dental injuries are hard to tell if they warrant a trip to an emergency dentist. If you’re unsure whether you require immediate attention, ask yourself if you’re experiencing any of these conditions:

  • Unable to go to work or school
  • Cannot eat or drink normally
  • A front tooth is damaged, causing embarrassment
  • There is significant swelling or bleeding
  • You can see a significant fracture or break
  • You’re in moderate to severe pain

Just one of these symptoms is enough to warrant calling our emergency dental clinic in Newmarket for a same day appointment. We prioritize dental emergencies, making special arrangements to see such individuals as quickly as they can get to our office. The sooner you can get here, the quicker we can get you out of pain.

Preventing Emergencies

One of the best investments you can make to lower your need for emergency dental care is to have one of our family dentists fit you with a protective mouthguard. Sports guards and night guards both prevent trauma to your tooth enamel and existing dental work, lowering the chances of something fracturing. All you need to get started is to stop by our Newmarket office to have an impression made of your teeth. Your mouthguard will be ready in a matter of days!

Affording Emergency Dentistry Treatment

As a private dental clinic, we accept insurance funds as well as provide flexible financing options. It’s convenient to get started on the care you need right away without significantly impacting your monthly budget. Enjoy low monthly payments on any dental service.

Emergency Dentist Near Me

To accommodate same day emergency dental care in Newmarket, we have specific times allocated for patients searching for a walk-in dentist clinic in Newmarket. New patients, walk-ins, and emergencies are always welcome! Contact us immediately to schedule your appointment or if you need further information.


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