To fill in the gaps for missing teeth, dental crowns in Newmarket maybe your best option. Moreover, they can also fix your chipped, cracked or broken tooth. They look natural and can give you an aesthetically pleasing smile again. Although they are long-term solutions, you have to make sure to take care of them. Here are the eight foods you should avoid when you have dental crowns :

Foods that can damage your crown

  1. Any sticky foods

    Eating foods such as caramel, gums, or candy can affect your new teeth. Aside from the fact that they can stick to the tooth’s surface, it is also high in sugar which can cause cavities resulting in tooth decay. 

  2. Cold foods

    If you just had a dental crown procedure, your teeth are sensitive. In this case, you can feel pain when you eat any cold food. You should ask your dentist what toothpaste is best for sharp teeth when this happens. Using toothpaste can prevent the sensation from travelling to your tooth nerves. 

  3. Ice

    As much as possible, do not chew ice. Your new set of dental crowns cannot handle it and can cause it to dislodge.  When this happens, you will need to have another procedure done. Furthermore, the coldness of the ice can make your teeth extra sensitive. 

  4. Eating tough meats

    Eating tough meats after your dental crown placement is a big no-no. They are hard which require more effort in chewing, and can damage your porcelain or ceramic crowns. Until they are securely in place, you can eat softer proteins such as chicken or fish. 

  5. Crunchy vegetables

    Crunchy vegetables such as carrot and broccoli can cause soreness and a loose crown. It is best to eat softer vegetables or soften them and make them into vegetable soups. 


Establishing dental crown aftercare will extend the lifespan of your permanent crowns. Whether it is a routine checkup or installing tooth caps, consider scheduling an appointment with your Newmarket dentist to help give you peace of mind and healthy teeth. 





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