Our Dentists Will Take Care of Your Emergency

Emergency Dentistry

We welcome new patients, walk-ins, and emergencies!

At Oasispark Dental, any patient that needs us immediately in a dental emergency is always catered to. Call today or schedule your appointment online.

Types of Dental Emergencies can vary. The most common are:

✓ Cracked Tooth

✓ Extractions

✓ Fillings

✓ Bleeding Gums

✓ Root Canal

✓ Infection

✓ Tooth Ache

✓ Crown or Bridge Issues

If you experience any of those mentioned above, don’t wait! Visit your Newmarket dentist immediately. 

Not only do we have a wide variety of solutions, but in most cases, we can find an immediate solution, even a temporary one. So if you have an important event and that tooth couldn’t find a more inappropriate time to break or chip, Oasispark Dental is your place to get that problem solved.

What the emergency appointment entails

We will treat the pain quickly and determine what is going on with an examination. The exam, low-radiation digital x-rays, and intraoral pictures help us see all the layers of tooth and bone and understand exactly what is causing you the pain. 

We want you to feel comfortable and involve you every step of the way and discuss all the options with you first.


Relax… our philosophy is different

Our Patient Care Team is here for you. We have created a practice that has the look and feel of a relaxing spa while still being a dental office. To help you relax while we treat your emergency, we offer paraffin wax hand treatments and hot towels, along with a realm of entertainment options — all complimentary, to maximize your comfort.

Book your appointment at Oasispark Dental today. 




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There is likely a fee for the emergency exam.  If you are an existing patient, depending on the circumstances, the fee may be lowered or waived entirely.  Upon assessment, the dentist can determine the cause of your pain and provide you with the recommended treatments. There is no additional fee for a prescription.


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Emergency Services:


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