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Dental Technology

Computerized Cavity Detector

Our focus on prevention inspired us to introduce the industry-leading digital carries detector software. This system is clinically proven to help us spot cavities earlier and more accurately—especially hard-to-see areas like between teeth. As a result, we can help identify areas in potential danger and help you improve your brushing and flossing techniques to deter these cavities from even developing.

Computerized Injections / Single Tooth Anesthetic

Our entire dental team wants to help minimize your pain as much as possible when you visit. So, in an effort to provide patients with an enjoyable experience, Oasispark Dental uses the relatively new Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system—which allows for “freezing” without the needle to your gum. Instead, we place the anesthetic between your gum and tooth, freezing just the tooth rather than numbing a large part of your jaw. 

3D iTeroDigital Scanner

The advanced technology of the 3D iTero Digital Scanner uses laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the surface and contours of your teeth and gums. It captures 100,000 ports of laser light with perfect focus on images of over 300 focal depths of a tooth structure, so impressions are virtually perfect. This eliminates the need for traditional, messy, and gag-inducing impressions. Since you can see images on our screen in real-time, it’s easier to visualize your treatment instantaneously.

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Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Panoramic low-radiation digital X-rays produce significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays. We can also see images instantly and easily email them. 

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Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers are safe and effective in treatment for both children and adults. Although laser dentistry is most notably associated with cosmetic treatments, it also plays an essential role in a growing number of common dental procedures.


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Anesthetic Warmer

We strive to enhance our patients’ experiences at the dentist by also addressing the common fear of injections. As most of this pain comes from the anesthetic traveling inside your gum, our anesthetic warmer warms up the liquid we inject to a temperature similar to your body. This may not be 100% painless, but many patients are stunned when we tell them it’s finished.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Laughing gas (officially known as nitrous oxide or N20) is odourless and colourless, and it might make you giggle in the dentist’s chair. For patients who feel uptight or squeamish before or during dental treatment, this commonly used sedative, and anti-anxiety agent can help promote a sense of relaxation, calm and general well-being.

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Oasispark Dental - 18185 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON
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