Root Canal Treatment

Save Your Teeth With Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Newmarket, ON

We all want to live happily day to day. But a severe tooth infection or decayed tooth can drastically interfere by causing nagging pain and discomfort. Our team strives to make dealing with dental problems comfortable and even relaxing at our Newmarket dental practice. Let your mind wander, and your body relax while we focus on your teeth and gums.

A root canal refers to the actual nerve inside your tooth. Root canal treatment in Newmarket, ON, is necessary to repair the nerve tissue. Contact us today at Oasispark Dental if you might need this treatment—we will be happy to help you restore your beautiful smile.

What is it, and do I need it?

Rather than extract your tooth entirely, we may be able to save it by performing root canal treatment in Newmarket, ON. This involves removing the damaged nerve that’s infected by bacteria from inside your tooth. You may have had a severe cavity, leading to an abscessed tooth, or possibly neglected your oral hygiene.

Without treatment, this can lead to dramatic swelling of your face, head, or neck. You will eventually lose the tooth altogether, likely suffer bone loss in the area, and probably suffer an infection in the surrounding bone and soft tissues. We recommend contacting Oasispark Dental for an appointment right away if you suspect you might need root canal treatment near you.

The treatment itself

There are several variations of root canal treatments in Newmarket, ON, including a pulpectomy, apicoectomy, and endodontic retreatment. Our dentists at the Newmarket dental office will customarily perform the following steps:

  1. Create a small access hole in the surface of your tooth.
  2. Remove the pulp, decayed nerve tissue, and related debris from the canal of your tooth (hence the name).
  3. Thoroughly disinfect the root canal with an antibacterial solution to prepare it (by slightly enlarging and shaping it) to receive the filling material.
  4. Fill and seal the root canal, pulp chamber, and surface access hole of your tooth.

Root canal treatment is a preferable alternative to tooth extraction for a good reason—and a considerably standard dental procedure that we perform at Oasispark Dental. Enter our dental oasis to experience our family-friendly environment for yourself. Call or email us today to book an appointment.

The reality and benefits of root canal treatment

Root canal treatment in Newmarket, ON, can be very beneficial in saving your tooth from damage and decay. Our team at Oasispark Dental may recommend this treatment if you have a tooth infection. Have no fear—enter our dental oasis and let yourself relax while we strive to keep the poking and prodding of your teeth to a minimum.

Don’t wait to seek treatment from your dentist. Call or email our dental office today for a free consultation to help you restore your affected tooth with root canal treatment in Newmarket, ON. Schedule an appointment today to speak with our team at Oasispark Dental and determine if this is the right procedure for you.


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