Dental Implants
for a Beautiful
and Healthy Smile

Dental Implants for a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Implants in Newmarket, ON

Dental issues can be stressful and painful. We built our practice around helping to ease our patients’ worries and discomfort by offering effective dental treatments and procedures. Relax in our office at Oasispark Dental and take a load off.

We may recommend a dental implant to help prevent adverse outcomes for you, such as facial structure misalignment, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, gum disease, bone loss, and impacts on your ability to chew. 

Our dental team works to correct your bite to ensure the forces placed on your teeth are evenly distributed while improving the look, shape, and straightness of your teeth.


What are they good for? Absolutely everything

Dental implants are artificial titanium “roots” secured into either your upper or lower bone in your mouth. They help secure an artificial crown, bridge, or denture—which mimics both the appearance and function of real teeth—to complete your dental restoration. They are also durable and easy to care for, similar to natural teeth regarding brushing, flossing, and regular checkups with your dentist.

Dental implants in Newmarket, ON, provide additional comfort that complete dentures may not be able to provide, especially when eating. Since they are secure and durable, the crown, bridge, or partial denture will act more like your natural teeth by staying in place and not moving around. 

Contact our Newmarket dental practice to learn more about dental implants near you!

Securing your implant

A dental implant in Newmarket, ON, is ideal if you have one or more missing teeth. Over time, without treatment, the teeth that surround a gap in your mouth will gradually shift towards it—causing a host of potential problems. But before securing your implants, we will examine your mouth and take an X-ray to determine whether you have enough bone to support one. (If not, you may require a bone grafting, ridge expansion, or sinus lift.)

If you have sufficient bone, we will proceed by securing the implant into your maxillary bone (for upper restorations) or jawbone (for lower restorations), typically in an hour or less. Up to 20 weeks later, once the bone in your mouth heals and the implant is completely integrated, we can secure the crown, bridge, or dentures to your implant in Newmarket, ON.

Securing your restoration

Dental restorations are required with your implants as a complete treatment. When it comes down to it, you simply can’t have one without the other. Our dental team approaches this portion of the procedure by first scanning your mouth using iTero technology.

This exact digital scan imaging helps to take an impression of your mouth to help ensure your restoration will be a perfect fit. After they are sent to a lab and custom fabricated for your mouth, we can finally complete the process and send you home from our dental oasis with a new and improved smile.

Book your appointment at Oasispark Dental today for a consultation about other restorations and dental implants near you. We will be happy to meet with you!

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