Improve Your Smile
With Dental Metal,
Ceramic or Acrylic Braces

Improve Your Smile With Dental Metal, Ceramic or Acrylic Braces

Traditional Braces in Newmarket, ON

If you envision straighter teeth when you think of your oasis, you might want to consider your orthodontic options. In addition to Invisalign, Oasispark Dental offers more traditional braces made of metal, ceramic or acrylic. These are typically bonded to your teeth, placing a constant but gentle force in a carefully controlled direction to slowly move them into a corrected position. 

Brackets are also available in a clear colour nowadays, while wires can be made of materials that make them less noticeable than in the past. Traditional, yes, but modernized accordingly. Braces with the latest materials offer improved functional methods, and they even move teeth faster with less discomfort to patients. Contact our Newmarket dental practice today to schedule a consultation for yourself or your loved one.


Kids and braces

At Oasispark Dental, we know children can fear the dentist and might resist the thought of orthodontics—so, instead, we want to be a place where they can relax and find solace. Trusting our recommendations is essential, but so is getting to enjoy our fun environment alongside our friendly dental team.

Although patients of all ages can benefit from braces in Newmarket, ON, many orthodontic issues can indeed be corrected in children more effectively. That being said, orthodontics also works best once children have all of their adult teeth. We typically say patients will require braces for up to three years, but possibly for as short a span as one year.

Some of the conditions we can work to correct with traditional braces in Newmarket, ON, are:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Severe crowding
  • Severe protrusion
  • Narrow jaws

Orthodontics can also help offset potential problems such as thumb-sucking, speech problems, tongue-thrusting, and even the need for possible extractions or sustained dental trauma. Retainers then add to the effectiveness of teeth straightening and maintaining the progress that braces make.

We will also encourage your children along their orthodontic journey to: 

  • consistently practice good oral hygiene, 
  • use rubber bands on their braces properly, 
  • avoid certain foods and drinks that can cause damage to them, 
  • and visit Oasispark Dental needed for progress appointments to help us ensure everything is going well.


Adults and braces

They’re not just for kids, though, either. Braces in Newmarket, ON, can work effectively for various patients over the age of 18 and come in many different options. Since adults tend to be more concerned about their appearances, there are updated versions that are much more unnoticeable and modern. Whether you previously avoided braces due to the cost, or your teeth have simply changed as you’ve gotten older, consider taking the leap now to straighten them! It’s not too late!

At our Newmarket dental office, we strive to create the ideal oasis for our patients. Kick back and relax while we explain your options and give you our recommendations to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Braces in Newmarket, ON, can also help improve any structural problems, correct your bite, help relieve pain in your jaw, and reduce your potential to develop gingivitis and tooth decay! Call or email us to book an appointment today.

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