Night Guards and Mouth Guards

Night Guards and Mouthguards in Newmarket, ON

Step into our oasis and experience a relaxing and comfortable trip to the dentist—complete with spa treatments and a friendly but dedicated team. At Oasispark Dental, we strive to offer solutions to prevent injury and trauma to your teeth caused by clenching, grinding, or physical activities. Without the proper protection, even everyday eating, sleeping and sports can ultimately cause damage.

Custom-made appliances

We are pleased to provide custom-fit night guards & mouthguards in Newmarket to help you protect your teeth during sports and sleeping. While you can find lesser quality versions in retail stores, these appliances work more effectively and fit more comfortably when they are specially created for you by dental professionals.

The improved, natural fit of a custom mouth guard or night guard means there is less chance that it will feel awkward or strange when you wear it. You may find a short adjustment period necessary, but these appliances should essentially mould right to your mouth (as that’s how they are made in the first place). Most importantly, the more comfortable it is, the more likely you—or your child—will wear it.

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Mouth guards

Mouth guards are an essential piece of gear designed to protect your teeth from trauma—even including excessive grinding or clenching and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Since they absorb harsh impact or movement directed at your mouth or jaw, they are also ideal for protecting against potential damage to teeth caused by sports.

There is a high probability of trauma to your teeth without a mouthguard while participating in athletic activities. This could ultimately lead to tooth loss or the need for a tooth extraction or restorative treatment (such as bonding or a crown). To schedule a consultation for a mouth guard near you, for yourself or your child, contact us at Oasispark Dental.


Night guards are thin and transparent, made of moldable plastic that helps absorb the impact from clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth while you sleep. Designed to ensure you breathe more efficiently throughout the night, these appliances provide a robust and preventative approach to protect against various possible dental issues.

Night guards in Newmarket, ON, are ideal for people known to suffer from clenching and grinding during the night. Without using a nightguard, these habits will likely cause excessive wear on your teeth over time—not to mention tooth pain, fatigued jaw muscles, headaches, and even contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Getting a night guard or mouthguard

We will likely recommend getting a protective night guards & mouthguards in Newmarket to help protect teeth for many patients. In this case, there are three main steps involved in producing your custom fit.

  1. In the initial appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth using iTeroTM­ digital impression technology (for your upper or lower teeth, depending on our recommended placement of the night guard or mouthguard).
  2. We will electronically submit your impressions to the dental laboratory, where the night guard or mouth guard will be manufactured and sent back to our dental practice.
  3. In the final appointment, we will inspect the fit and ensure your night guard’s comfort or mouth guard before you take it home.

Protecting your teeth is essential and simple! Call or email us at Oasispark Dental to schedule a consultation for your night guards & mouthguards in Newmarket.

Night Guards and Mouthguards FAQ

Are custom mouthguards better than over-the-counter options?
Yes, custom mouthguards are generally better than over-the-counter options for several reasons:
  • Fit: Custom mouthguards are specifically molded to fit the individual’s teeth and mouth structure, providing a better fit and more effective protection.
  • Comfort: They are more comfortable to wear because they are tailored to the user’s mouth, reducing irritation and discomfort.
  • Protection: Custom mouthguards offer superior protection against dental injuries and teeth grinding due to their precise fit and durable materials.
For Night Guards & Mouthguards in Newmarket, opting for a custom solution ensures optimal comfort and protection.
Can a mouthguard help with teeth grinding?
Yes, a mouthguard can help with teeth grinding (bruxism). Wearing a night guard while sleeping can:
  • Prevent Damage: Protect teeth from the wear and tear caused by grinding.
  • Reduce Pain: Alleviate symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, and tooth sensitivity associated with bruxism.
  • Improve Sleep: Reduce the noise and disruptions caused by grinding, leading to better sleep quality.
Night Guards & Mouthguards in Newmarket are an effective solution for managing teeth grinding.
How long do nightguards last?
The lifespan of a night guard varies based on factors such as the material, frequency of use, and the severity of teeth grinding. Generally:
  • Soft Night Guards: Last about 6 months to 2 years, depending on wear.
  • Hard Night Guards: Can last 2 to 5 years or longer with proper care.
For Night Guards & Mouthguards in Newmarket, regular dental check-ups are important to monitor the condition of the night guard and determine when it needs to be replaced.
Are night guards comfortable to wear?
Custom night guards are designed to be comfortable to wear. Their benefits include:
  • Custom Fit: Made to fit the unique shape of your teeth and mouth, ensuring comfort.
  • Smooth Edges: Less likely to cause irritation or discomfort.
  • Material: Made from high-quality, durable materials that feel comfortable in the mouth.
For Night Guards & Mouthguards in Newmarket, the comfort of a custom night guard can greatly improve the experience of wearing one regularly.
How do I clean and maintain my night guard?
Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your night guard in good condition. Here’s how to care for Night Guards & Mouthguards in Newmarket:
  1. Daily Cleaning:
    1. Rinse: Rinse the night guard with cool water after each use.
    2. Brush: Gently brush it with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste or mild soap.
  2. Weekly Cleaning:
    1. Soak: Soak the night guard in a denture cleaner or a mixture of water and mouthwash once a week for thorough cleaning.
  3. Storage:
    1. Dry: Ensure the night guard is completely dry before storing it to prevent bacterial growth.
    2. Case: Store it in a ventilated case to keep it dry and protected.
  4. Inspection:
    1. Check: Regularly inspect the night guard for signs of wear and tear, and bring it to dental check-ups for professional evaluation.
Proper care and maintenance ensure that your night guard remains effective and hygienic for Night Guards & Mouthguards in Newmarket.

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