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Step inside Oasispark Dental, a getaway from how you might envision a visit to the dentist. Let’s have fun and build a friendly connection, while you have your teeth cleaned or endure a dental procedure. Discover comprehensive care for all ages at your trusted Newmarket family dentist.

Our Facility

Discover heat therapy with a combination of paraffin wax and essential oils for your hands that relaxes your entire body by warming different systems. This traps heat and opens your pores, helping to remove dead skin cells, increase blood flow, relax muscles and reduce joint stiffness.

Or experience a deep and therapeutic massage from our amazing massage chair that helps enhance circulation and relieve tight muscles. A 20-minute session encourages peace of mind and promotes relaxed mental alertness before your dental visit, helping to reduce anxiety.

Or keep your kids (or yourself) entertained with our available Wi-Fi that lets you do some work, play online video games or music, stream videos, make a video call, or scroll on social media.

Or watch movies and relax, or play air hockey together—we were the official dentist of the Newmarket Hurricanes hockey team, after all.

Before you leave, feel free to take advantage of our refreshing hot and cold towels.

What Makes Us A Dental Oasis?

Our Advantages

At Oasispark Dental, we believe it is more important to demonstrate our mission to you with our actions, rather than formally state it in words.

Of course, your Newmarket Family Dentist wants to help people and save the world. But, more importantly, we want to challenge the status quo of what a patient experience should be—and figure out new ways to make it better. That’s why, at Oasispark Dental, we build a solid connection with our entire community of families and individuals.

For that reason, we are pleased to offer many positive aspects at our dental clinicwhether you  are visiting us for a regular checkup or require a specific dental solution:


Compassionate and welcoming team


Happy to take the time to educate and comfort, but quick and efficient if needed


Complimentary Consultation


A wide range of procedures available


Customized plans based on individual care


Advanced technology for dental treatments


Financial payment assistance or direct billing to your benefit provider


Relaxing and family-friendly activity options for patients

A Practice Built Around Your Needs

Our Dental Oasis

We, your Newmarket Family Dentist pride ourselves on providing effective oral care to patients like you, but also for creating a dental office space that can help you feel more comfortable and at ease. We think far too many adults and children alike have a negative association with the dentist.

That is why we proudly offer some small luxuries in our oasis while you wait:


Heat therapy with paraffin wax


Therapeutic massage chair


Available Wi-Fi


TV and Netflix


Air hockey table


Fresh hot and cold towels


Kids Playroom (with TV and toys)

Newmarket Hurricanes

We miss our hockey team.

Oasispark Dental - 18185 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON


Thank you for your support!

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