Restore Your Smile
With Dental Bonding

Restore Your Smile With Dental Bonding

Bonding in Newmarket, ON

Chips, cracks, discolouration or tooth decay are no match for dental bonding at our Newmarket dental practice! Bonding is a resin or plastic that can be moulded and is available in an extensive range of natural tooth colours. This considerably simple treatment can be completed quickly and in one visit, both for emergencies or scheduled repairs, without the hassle of impressions or even much other preparation.

Just sit back and relax in our dental oasis and leave your dental worries to us. Your dentist will apply the resin directly to your impacted tooth or teeth to improve their shape and colour, or to repair and protect them. Using a composite material, we match your natural teeth’ shade quite perfectly and help shield them from further damage. The bonding conforms and blends seamlessly to your tooth and feels precisely the same—if not incredibly similar.

Call us at Oasispark Dental to schedule an appointment for dental bonding near you.

When should you consider bonding?

Bonding in Newmarket, ON, is an ideal procedure if you have minor damages to your tooth, receding gums that are exposing some of the roots, or if you would like to correct an existing gap between your teeth. Our dentists and support staff at Oasispark Dental are all big fans of bonding—due to its many different uses.

Bonding is frequently used for the cosmetic repair of cracked or chipped teeth and helps whiten discoloured teeth to match the others. It is also a more economical alternative to veneers, as it can help fill gaps between teeth or reshape a tooth. Further, it can also act as an alternative to amalgam fillings. The bottom line: this quick, easy and inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure is probably one of our favourites.

How does bonding work?

There are four simple steps involved when it comes to bonding in Newmarket, ON. Freezing or anesthesia is not required in most cases other than filling a cavity or tooth decay.

  1. We will carefully identify the shade of composite material that most closely matches your teeth’ natural colour.
  2. We will lightly etch the surface of your tooth to ensure the composite material being bonded has maximum adhesion.
  3. We place the bonding resin on your tooth and mold and shape it to fit exactly to your existing tooth.
  4. We harden and strengthen the bonded material with ultraviolet light or laser. We can then trim and polish and even further shape the bonding (as needed) to help perfect its appearance. This entire process requires minimal time, usually only half an hour.

If that chip, gap, or more serious dental issue is getting on your nerves, call or email Oasispark Dental today and see if bonding in Newmarket, ON, can solve it. Our team will be happy to schedule you an appointment to determine the best treatment at our dental oasis. You can leave your cares behind when you come to visit—let us help!

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