Some people see hygiene as ‘just a cleaning’.  Just like cleaning of a house or a car, this is something that is nice to have, but if skipped nothing will happen.

There is a lot more to it! Regular hygiene visits provide a level of care on top of brushing and flossing at home, that helps to keep your teeth strong and healthy. A registered dental hygienist (RDH) is a licensed dental professional who specializes in making sure your teeth are in good shape. Hygienists ensure that your teeth are clean and free of bacteria, plaque build-up and decay, and that the supporting structures of your teeth — such as the gums — are healthy, and gum disease is not present.

Every dental hygiene appointment includes oral cancer screening and an overall assessment of your mouth. This helps to catch any signs of disease in the early stages, when treatment can be most effective. It is also a refreshing service that helps improve the overall smell or freshness of their mouth and breath.

Oasispark Dental’s Patient Care team can assist you with your routine dental hygiene or speak with you to understand any specific concerns you have. We also check the condition of your gums, your teeth for bacteria deposits, build up of plaque or signs of possible decay. We will also ask about any medications or existing health concerns that you may have.

If it’s been a while since your last cleaning, that may be all you require. Improper or neglected brushing at home is often the cause of bad breath. You may have a “dry mouth,” or be a mouth breather at night. If you have dentures or any type of oral appliance, we can freshen it up by professionally cleaning it with a disinfecting solution or our ultrasonic system.

We can help you to improve your hygiene routine at home. If it has been less than three months since your last dental cleaning, it could signal that there is something we need to look at closer. It is also important for us to know if you have ever been diagnosed with periodontal disease.

For the team at Oasispark Dental, carefully understanding what may be causing your mouth not to feel fresh, is important. It can occasionally expose unknown health issues or show us smaller issues that if left untreated, could evolve into bigger concerns later on.

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