There is no better way to straighten your teeth than with traditional braces. Though it may seem tedious to wear traditional braces, the outcome is worth it.  With some patience and dedication, you will be able to have that perfect smile in no time.

Traditional metal braces are effective in treating overcrowding. When there is no more room in your mouth for permanent teeth to grow, overcrowding occurs, leading to teeth overlapping. 

Traditional braces versus Invisalign

There is still an ongoing debate whether traditional braces are better than Invisalign. Straightening teeth with clear aligners such as Invisalign has long been praised. Unfortunately, Invisalign cannot fix particular types of misalignment, namely significant gaps between the teeth. However, the traditional braces can align teeth at various heights, making them an effective treatment option for patients with orthodontic cases. 

The truth about traditional braces

In the past, you may hear that braces are too old or that metal braces aren’t the best choice for your teeth and jawline, but this article may change your mind. Here are the five secrets why metal braces are the best option available for you right now:

No chance of losing them.

Since your traditional braces are attached to your teeth all the time, you will not have problems losing them compared to clear aligners. Although clear aligners are removable, they can slow down your treatment and affect your teeth’ position. When you choose traditional braces, you are sure that they can give you effective results. 

They are cheaper.

Your dentist can determine how much it will cost you to get braces based on various factors. The cost of traditional braces is much lower than that of Invisalign, primarily because Invisalign requires more maintenance. In traditional braces, you will have to visit your dentist once a month for adjustments. With Invisalign, you need to go to the dentist every two weeks to get new moulds.

Faster treatment time is associated with traditional braces.

As many people want to complete their treatment as soon as possible, treatment speed is also essential. With metal braces, brackets and wires are used to pull and position your teeth. They are more forceful than clear aligners, which can only move a limited number of teeth. Furthermore, metal braces can close your gaps quickly. 

They are for all ages. 

Traditional places can cater to different age groups when it comes to straightening teeth. While Invisalign is popular for adults and teens, the dentist usually recommends conventional braces for kids since Invisalign can be lost or not worn since it is removable. Metal braces are the best fit for children who are not ready with responsibility yet. 

Traditional braces can treat severe orthodontic issues.

One of the best features of traditional braces is that it works effectively for simple to complex cases of aligning the teeth. Within a concise time frame, they can correct bite problems and align crowded teeth. Moreover, metal braces exert equal pressure on all tooth parts, unlike aligners, which only focus on the top portion. 

Considering getting traditional braces?

The days of awkward, unattractive, and uncomfortable braces are long gone. With the advancement in technology, traditional braces have slimmer and lighter profiles which become attractive to patients. For more information about traditional braces or how they work, contact your dentist in Newmarket.




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