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Oasispark Dental - 18185 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON
Oasispark Dental - 18185 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON
Oasispark Dental - 18185 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON
Oasispark Dental - 18185 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON

The “cap” or “cover” that a dentist places over a tooth are called dental crowns Newmarket. An implant-supported crown returns decayed teeth or missing teeth to their healthy form, size, and function. A crown can strengthen the tooth or make it look better.


Your dentist could advise getting a crown to:

  • Support a tooth with a big filling when there isn’t enough natural tooth structure left.
  • Put a bridge in place to replace lost teeth.
  • Prevent a brittle tooth from breaking.
  • Rebuild a broken tooth.
  • Cover a tooth that is crooked, discoloured or stained teeth.
  • Cover a dental implant.


Components of dental crowns.

Several materials may be used to create dental crowns in Newmarket. Crowns are made from composite resin, ceramics, porcelain (of porcelain veneers), porcelain fused to metal or metal alloys. Crowns are usually tooth-coloured to match your natural teeth. Your crown should feel at ease in your mouth and appear natural. 

Your dentist and you will take into account different criteria before choosing the material for your crown. This includes:

  • The position and function of the teeth.
  • Placement of the gum tissue.
  • The number of teeth that are visible when you smile.
  • The tint or hue of the teeth around it.

Costs and insurance should be reviewed and taken into account as well. You may want to discuss your preferences once you and your dentist have looked at these concerns.

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How to place a crown.

The procedure generally requires two dental appointments to be completed. There are various procedures involved in covering a natural tooth with a crown. To make the tooth fit the crown, your dentist removes the outer layer of the tooth, including any decay. Your dentist may strengthen the tooth’s core if more tooth structure is required to support the crown.

To make a precise replica of your tooth, an imprint is taken. A digital scan of the tooth at the dental lab or a mould can be used to create the imprint. A temporary crown is put in place to cover your tooth while the permanent crown is being created. Most permanent dental crowns Newmarket are created in just two weeks. 

The tooth may be sensitive to heat and cold while wearing a temporary crown. During this period, refrain from consuming sticky foods and chewing gum. If your dentist in Newmarket has advanced dental appliances, you may be able to have your permanent crown on the same day. 

Your dentist inserts the permanent crown in your mouth and makes the required adjustments after it is finished. The crown is put into place once you and your dentist are satisfied with the way it feels and looks.


Maintaining your teeth.

Dental crowns Newmarket can crack just like real teeth can. Also, the tooth beneath the crown is still prone to decay. To guard against tooth decay and crown damage: 

  • Use fluoride-containing toothpaste to brush your teeth twice daily, and floss daily.
  • Ensure that an oral newmarket dental care product is safe and effective.
  • If you have tooth-coloured dental crowns Newmarket, you should especially be cautious about eating ice, hard foods, and other hard items like pencils. Make sure to visit your dentist in Newmarket for routine examinations and expert tooth cleanings.

How durable are crowns?

Generally, dental crowns Newmarket survive for at least fifteen years. However, some may only endure a few years. The lifespan of the crown depends on several things, including the material, your diet, dental hygiene, and the position of the crown.

Compared to other types of crowns, composite resin crowns usually don’t last as long. For temporary crowns as opposed to permanent ones, dentists usually use more composite resin. Based on your unique situation, your dentist can make an educated guess as to how long your crown will endure.


Benefits of Dental Crowns.

In addition to being a successful method of treating a damaged tooth, dental crowns Newmarket also provide several important advantages for your oral health. The use of a crown can be the difference between keeping a natural tooth and extracting it.

1. Crowns aid in relieving discomfort.

Dental crowns are commonly used to finish a restorative procedure, such as correcting enamel or structural damage. These problems usually result in the tooth being sensitive to pressure or warmth. The remaining part of the tooth has to be safeguarded once the underlying issue has been resolved, whether by a filling, root canal, or another procedure. A dental crown can lessen discomfort and shield your tooth from additional harm.

2. Crowns for the teeth are a simple procedure.

Dental crowns are very simple and less intrusive, in contrast to what you would assume about restorative dental procedures. A crown is created specifically for that tooth after the tooth has been cleaned of any damaged enamel and tissue.

3. Other benefits include:

  • Regaining the natural form and performance of teeth.
  • Aesthetic improvements (a better-looking smile).
  • Defending the tooth’s foundation against infection or additional harm.
  • Allowing the underlying tooth structure to remain natural (as opposed to extracting natural teeth and placing implants).


There is no need to seek any further than Oasispark Dental Clinic in Newmarket. This is for patients in need of restorative dentistry from a dental office that prioritizes their health. Our professional team can assist you in achieving your smile aspirations. Schedule an online appointment now to get started.

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