Pediatric dentistry is a branch in dentistry that studies oral health and dental care for kids. The scope begins from infancy until a child’s late teen years. There are plenty of advantages why you should let your kids see a pediatric dentist as early as six months old. It will help them achieve not just optimal oral health but also excellent overall health. 

However, as a parent, one of your worries is your child’s feelings and reaction toward dental visits. You might be thinking about how you could help them prepare themselves for what’s to happen during their dental appointment. Here are tips to help you with that concern:

Tips to prepare your kids for their first dental checkup

1. Educate

Most kids are afraid of dental visits since they are not yet aware of what happens during one. Due to their wild imaginations, they think that dental treatments are uncomfortable.

Educate your child first and introduce pediatric dentistry through visual aids. Engage them in child-friendly videos that explain dental checkups and why these are essential. There are lots of dentistry channels online that are intended for the kids. 

If this medium is not available, make use of books from the library. The goal is to broaden their understanding of oral health and not be afraid of dental service or treatment.

2. Answer questions

Be prepared for questions along the way and answer them honestly. Your kid may need to know that an electric toothbrush creates harmless sounds. Set their expectations based on what they wonder about the dental procedure. 

Some kids may need root canal therapy, and they should understand how the process works and why it is done. If you don’t know the answers, use reliable sources on the internet and get educated with your child. 

3. Indirect experience

Let your child come along when you or an older child attends a pediatric dentistry appointment. This can give them an initial experience before their actual visit. It’s good that they can already feel the warm and friendly environment in the clinic to help with their anxieties. Also, let them interact with the dentists and the dental team. This will make them feel better and even look forward to kids dental visits.

4. Comfort them

Before going to see the kids dentist, comfort your child by keeping their moods light. Talk to them gently and maybe sing them their favourite songs to lift them. It will help them carry their favourite stuffed toys to hold them while on the dentist’s chair. 

5. Positive reinforcement

One of the most effective ways to encourage your kids to see their dentists is to promise them rewards. Most kids love getting new toys or eating treats. Tell them they can have one if they behave throughout the visit and cooperate during the treatment. 
A consultation with your Newmarket dentist will give you more ideas on how to ready your child for their first-time dentist visit.

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