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Nightguards in Newmarket are the best way to protect your teeth when you experience teeth grinding at night. Wearing nightguards can lower the chance of acquiring health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. This blog post will provide you with astounding facts about this dental appliance. 

  1. They come in a variety of forms.

    The dental night guards can either be purchased over-the-counter or customized. You can choose from different types of nightguards depending on your needs. 

    • Soft night guards – often used for mild cases.
    • Laminate night guards – more extended warranty and for heavy teeth grinding.
    • Hard night guards – used for patients with TMJ
  2. They prevent damage to your teeth.  

    Most people with bruxism are unaware that they clench their teeth while sleeping, and often they do not have control over what happens. This often results in breaking or chipping of teeth. One of the dental mouthguards’ benefits is to ensure that your top and bottom teeth will not bump into each other. Thus, they can save your teeth.

  3. They alleviate pain and jaw tension.

    When people clench their teeth at night, they wake up with severe pain in their jaw area. To resolve this, your dentist can recommend a custom-made nightguard that reduces the stress in your jaw muscles when you sleep. Moreover, you can experience fewer headaches. 

  4. They are worth the money.

    Aside from saving your teeth, you can also save money from costly dental treatments. Using nightguards for teeth grinding can prevent the situation from getting worse. The cost of a nightguard will depend on the materials used and the purpose. During your dental appointment, your dentist will give you an estimate for the price. 


If you are looking for nightguards in Newmarket that will provide the ultimate and protection, your Newmarket dentist can help. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your best options.

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