Cosmetic dentistry allows patients to regain their smiles back through various dental procedures. Although these dental treatments aim to give patients beautiful and perfect teeth, t’s not just about aesthetics. Once your teeth are straight, stainless, or without decay, you also achieve optimal oral health. 

Don’t wait for another new year’s resolution to start improving yourself. You can see your dentist now and get a dental consultation. There is plenty of smile makeovers that are suitable to give you that life-altering result. You may consider the following:

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

  • Teeth bonding

Among the types of cosmetic dentistry procedures, bonding is the cheapest and most straightforward way to improve the teeth’ appearance. The process is easy and doesn’t need anesthetics as the dentist bonds a tooth-coloured resin on the imperfect tooth. Once the material adheres to the tooth after using a curing light, it conceals the once stained or broken bite. 

  • Veneers

A few celebrities have tried dental veneers as it gives incredible results just after a few days from the day of consultation. The dentist will take a digital impression of the patient’s teeth and uses this data to fabricate the tooth shells. These thin tooth shells are applied to each tooth surface to cover all imperfections at once.

  • Teeth whitening

Over time, your teeth’ colour will fade into a brown or yellow shade due to the foods you eat or because of smoking. In-office teeth whitening is a safe and instant cosmetic dentistry treatment that brightens your teeth and enhances your outlook on life. 

  • Crowns and dental bridges

Patients with broken or missing teeth have a simple solution with a dental crown and bridges. These are tooth-shaped caps that dentists place over a gap or damaged tooth. Generally, crowns and bridges can last for more than fifteen years with great care and maintenance. 

  • Gum reshaping

A gummy smile is a common condition; however, most patients find this unappealing and want to improve the look. With gum reshaping, dentists will reshape the gum lines covering the teeth to achieve a better aesthetic. 

  • Braces

The main reason for patients who get braces is for them to get rid of their misaligned teeth. Crooked teeth can be unsightly, and in fact, it brings plenty of dental problems such as tooth decay. With these metal brackets and wires’ help, the teeth are being positioned in their proper spot. 

  • Fillings

A typical dental issue is cavities. It appears as a black hole on a patient’s tooth, and more than that, it becomes more alarming. In cosmetic dentistry, one way to treat this is to apply a dental filling on the affected site after the dentist cleans the decay. Immediately, the process restores the look and full function of the tooth.

  • Dentures

Some patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth seek help from their dentists. With dentures, dentists give patients an affordable and quality choice of dental replacement. Dentures are now mounted on top of dental implants for stability and durability.

With your willingness to improve not just your physical appearance but your dental health, your Newmarket dentist will help you through this journey.

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