Family dentistry and general dentistry are often used interchangeably in a discussion. Both experts in each category offer various types of dentistry treatments and procedures. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. This distinction makes your decision about which one to choose for your family. 

While general dentists offer services to a specific age group, family dentists cater to patients of all ages. 

If you’re tired of bringing each of your family members to different places in a day for all your dental care needs, choose a family dentist. They can work well with anyone may it be an infant, teenager, middle-aged, or senior. You don’t need to meet different dentists, your family dentist will be your only go-to professional to take care of your family’s oral health.

Here are a few of the several dental procedures that you can take benefit from your family dentist: 

Family dentistry: dental treatments

  • Teeth cleanings

Oral prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning is a treatment that thoroughly cleans the patient’s teeth. Dental hygienists are experts in this area and they guarantee that the procedure is quick, painless, and safe for kids and adults. Although most patients dread the sound and feel of some dental tools, it won’t hurt the teeth and instead revitalize it. This procedure is important because it helps you reach the areas in your mouth that you usually miss to avoid cavities.

  • Root canal

Normally, infection in the tooth roots happens to adults. Yet, children also experience them if there is no immediate treatment. The root canal therapy aims to remove the infection in the tooth chamber. To do this, the dentist will create a hole on the tooth crown and reach inside to remove the dead pulp, causing the infection. If not immediately fixed, it causes unbearable pain to the patient. If one of your family members get a bad tooth, your family dentist can treat it with a root canal. 

  • Tooth removal

Anyone can have tooth removal, even kids who still have baby teeth. Loose baby teeth may need to be pulled by a dentist if the child could not do it on their own. For adults, teeth that are severely decayed and damaged also needs to be removed. This will ease the pain and prevent the spread of disease to the other teeth. Sometimes, dentists would remove a tooth to make way for orthodontic treatment.

  • Gums recession

Gum recession is when the gums are pulling off its grip from the tooth exposing the tooth roots. This happens when a patient develops periodontal disease. The gum pockets at this time have become loose that bacteria has already made its way inside and cause an infection. Young or old, the gums need to be cleaned as well. To treat this, the dentist may perform tooth scaling and root planing to rid the bacteria buildup. 

  • Crowns and bridges

One way to restore a decayed or damaged tooth is by using crowns. For missing teeth, bridges are also a good option. Crowns and bridges have become a solution for patients who thought that they could no longer smile with complete teeth. In hindsight, broken or missing teeth not only affect the looks but also some functions. With crowns and bridges, patients can eat well again and even fix their lisping issues. 

  • Dental implants

When patients look for missing tooth solution, they want one that is permanent and comfortable. That is exactly what dental implants bring to their users. This treatment uses a tiny titanium screw to replace a missing tooth. The post is inserted deep in the jawbone to provide sturdy support for the new crown. Once it is in place, patients feel that implants are just like their real teeth. It is comfortable, durable, and strong. It won’t move or budge even when you eat hard foods or brush your teeth. 

  • Emergency dental care

One of the most essential things to consider for a dentist is that they can attend when there’s a dental emergency. Since families with kids and seniors need immediate care, a family dentist should provide a special appointment in case of a dental mishap. Fortunately, your Newmarket dentist offers special request appointments beyond office hours to cater to patients who need urgent dental care.

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