You may have experienced having a broken tooth that your dentist can no longer repair. If this is the case, you may opt for a root canal treatment to get a new crown.

Getting an artificial crown helps to fix your cracked front tooth or chipped molar. Moreover, it involves knowing how to properly take care of it, especially when it is still new. 

What foods should you not eat?

After completing your root canal or dental implant surgery, your dentist will provide you guidelines on what to eat and avoid.

Here are the foods that you should avoid getting a porcelain crown.


Caramel is a sweet delight that you need to avoid. Its sticky texture can make your temporary crown go loose. You can eat caramel with a permanent crown, only if your molars are your natural teeth. Otherwise, you still couldn’t eat this confectionary delight if your back molars have an artificial tooth.


Raisins are rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. However, they can be too sticky for someone who just had a new teeth fixture. Avoid eating raisins and dried fruits in general, as they tend to stick to the teeth when you chew on them.


Nuts are healthy snacks you can munch at any time of the day, but not right after your dental treatment. Even after a few months, eat nuts with care and avoid chewing too many at once. Many types of nuts are hard, and they can chip your teeth when you accidentally bite them too hard.


Enjoying a movie or show while eating popcorn may be a typical scenario at your home. However, the unpopped corn kernels can get stuck on your teeth. Worse, you may even break your teeth or crack your front tooth crown. No matter how much you’d like to enjoy binge-watching while munching on popcorn, choose another snack instead.

Crunchy vegetables

Raw broccoli and baby carrots are no doubt healthy for your diet. However, they can be harmful even for your steel crown. Stay away from crunchy vegetables, especially the raw ones that can place too much pressure on your teeth.

How should you take care of your crown?

Crowns have a long life span, as they can withstand 15 years. The key to maintaining them this long is to practice proper oral care right after you had them placed.

It takes some time for the cement to harden and allow the crown to stay intact in your mouth. Hence, the first few days and weeks after your treatment is crucial. Refrain from eating chewy or hard foods to make sure that your new tooth doesn’t get chipped.

On top of the foods that you need to avoid, brush and floss your teeth daily. In the first few days, brush your teeth gently. Avoid mannerisms where you randomly chew on hard objects like a pen, pencil, or fingernails.

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