Dentures over implants

What are dentures over implants?

Dentures over implants, or implant dentures are a new type of denture that solves the problem of moving dentures. When dentures have been worn for a long period of time the bone supporting them tends to disappear. Patients who have worn dentures for many years often find they do not remain stable in the long term. Eating many types of foods may be difficult or impossible and even despite replacing old dentures with new ones, this problem may continue.

Implant-supported dentures solves that problem. The implant-supported denture is stable, strong and enables most patients to eat and chew the kinds of food they haven’t been able to eat in years. Biting into an apple is now easy. All of our patients who have undergone this type of treatment wondered why they waited this long. Some patients may require a bone graft in advance of this treatment, to ensure there is sufficient bone to place the implants.











The procedure for implant dentures

The technique is similar for both the top and bottom teeth. The top requires a minimum of four implants, although the bottom may only require two.

The process starts with having the implants placed into the bone of your jaw. Precision holes are drilled into the bone of either your upper or lower jaw and the implants are placed and the area allowed to heal for some time. The implants may take up to 20 weeks to fully integrate – this is the time taken for the bone to join to the implants and lock them in. Instead of the "healing caps" that are normally placed on the tops of implants as they heal, locator tops are used instead. These locator tops will be the secure points for the dentures to be secured to the implants. Once your implants are integrated and solid, your dentures can be fitted and secured. They will remain in your mouth, unless you unclip them.

It has been determined that four implants are enough to hold a denture solid in your mouth. Knowing this has made implant dentures more affordable and the surgery less complicated. Implant dentures meet the aesthetic, functional and oral health needs for replacement teeth. The upper denture is made without the plastic plate covering the roof of your mouth, which makes dentures over implants much more comfortable than regular dentures. Since there are only four implants per jaw, surgery is much less complicated than it once was, and additional procedures such as bone grafting are not required. The total surgery only takes about an hour.

Hygiene for implant dentures

Implant dentures are like any other denture and are not permanent fixtures. Maintenance and careful home care are required by the patient. With proper care and maintenance, implants should last many years, if not indefinitely. 

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