The health of your mouth plays a big role in your overall health!

Did you know that there is a close link in the health of your mouth to your overall, general health? 

This means that coming in for regular dental hygiene treatments, commonly known as, "cleanings" not only help to improve your oral health but your general health as well.


Regular visits for teeth cleaning provides an additional level of preventative care on top of brushing and flossing at home, that helps to keep your teeth strong and healthy. A registered dental hygienist (RDH) is a licensed dental professional who specializes in making sure your teeth are in good shape. Hygienists ensure that your teeth are clean and free of bacteria, plaque build-up and decay, and that the supporting structures of your teeth, such as gums - are healthy and gum disease is not present.

Every dental hygiene appointment includes oral cancer screenings and an overall assessment of your mouth, which can help to catch any signs of disease in the early stages, when treatment can be most effective.

At Oasispark Dental, our hygienists promote your dental health through prevention, therapy, education and professional cleanings. Hygienists provide cleanings for healthy maintenance of teeth, as well as therapeutically treat any areas to improve the health of tissues in the mouth, or prevent disease. Our hygienists can also help to educate patients on the importance of habits and behaviours that ensure ongoing or improved oral health. This can include treatment for periodontal disease.

Professional dental cleanings

Professional dental hygiene cleanings help to remove build up that can occur under your gums even with daily brushing and flossing.  This helps to reduce redness, bleeding and inflammation of the gums caused by the living bacteria in plaque and tartar.

Without regular hygiene appointments, periodontal disease can develop. Periodontal disease usually starts with gingivitis or red, inflamed and bleeding gums, but can progress into periodontitis.  Periodontitis is the loss of bone from bacteria eating away at your teeth's supporting structures, underneath your gums.  The loss of any supporting structures around your teeth can lead to bad breath, poor function and mobility of your teeth and mouth and can eventually lead to the loss of your teeth.

Your mouth plays an important role in day-to-day life, and is vital for activities we might easily take for granted, such as eating and talking. Regular hygiene appointments can help keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and continue to ensure comfortable functioning.

A typical dental hygiene appointment will include the following:

  • Dental hygiene assessment
  • Removal of plaque and any tartar build-up
  • Stain removal and teeth polishing
Whether you're a new patient seeking full services with Oasispark dental or a student who's just in need of regular cleanings, we'd love to have you in for a visit!
Call or come in and speak with a Patient Care Specialist to learn more about hygiene at Oasispark Dental.

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