Fresh Breath Management Program

Is your breath fresh?

Halitosis or bad breath... it's an uncomfortable topic for many people, but don't be shy. Oasispark Dental's Fresh Breath Management Program can help.

It's not always poor brushing and flossing habits that can cause foul smelling breath. Many factors including what you're eating, your digestion, bacteria, periodontal issues, medication and a realm of health conditions can cause breath to smell bad. It is important to investigate this issue, because there may be troublesome underlying factors that need to be identified.

You may question the smell of your breath, but those who love you may not want to be honest and risk hurting your feelings. Your spouse may be so used to the smell that they don't even recognize it as unusual.

Everyone is different. Our program will help you to identify the root cause of your halitosis as well as provide valuable advice and continued guidance on how to rectify and manage your situation.

We're ready to help you!

If you want to confirm whether you've got fresh breath, or you suspect you might have a concern, please contact us and speak with one of our Patient Care Specialists. We understand and we are ready to help.

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