Denture Maintenance Program

Denture care and maintenance

Some people may have the impression that dentures are easier to care for than natural teeth, but dentures actually require the same amount of care as natural teeth.

Even with proper daily care, maintenance of dentures is still an important part in ensuring you have your dentures for many years to come.

Daily care of your dentures should include carefully removing and cleaning them after eating, as well as cleaning your mouth before you place your dentures back in your mouth. Brush dentures and soak them overnight in an over-the-counter cleaning solution and rinse them before putting them back in.

When you are not wearing your dentures, store them in a safe area where they won't get bumped or dropped. It is important to follow the care instructions you receive from Oasispark Dental, as different types of denture appliances can require different types of care.

Denture cleaning on-site

As part of our denture maintenance, Oasispark Dental will provide your dentures with a thorough cleaning. Adjustments should always be done by Oasispark, and you should never attempt to make them yourself as this can cause dentures to become weakened or lead to damage. If your dentures don't seem to fit, come back and see us. Adjustments can be made to ensure a comfortable fit, and prevent irritation or sores from happening. Repairs can be made to breaks, cracks, chips or loose or missing teeth. In many cases, repairs do not take long.

After a longer period of time, general wear and loosening of your dentures is normal and requires simple, regular maintenance for proper fit, comfort and to ensure that the condition of your mouth continues to be in top shape.

We can help!

For more information on the Denture Maintenance Program at Oasispark Dental, please contact us and speak with one of our Patient Care Specialists. We understand and we are ready to help.

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