Wisdom teeth extractions

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are your last set of molars, four in total, to emerge in your early or late 20s. Some individuals are lucky enough to have their wisdom teeth aligned correctly which means they do not need to be taken out, but most individuals do not have wisdom teeth that align correctly; therefore, they require an extraction of these teeth. Depending on your particular teeth structure, you may require all four wisdom teeth to be extracted or just two. 

How do I know if I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

Our dentists will take x-rays periodically to assess your particular alignment of wisdom teeth. Or if you are worried that your wisdom teeth are misaligned, you may come into our office for a check-up. Your dentist may also recommend wisdom teeth extractions before problems arise at a younger age, as you are less likely to have any complications if done early on. 

What if my wisdom teeth have already come out?

If your wisdom teeth have fully erupted or emerged from the gums, it is not too late to have them extracted. If the dentist feels that they may cause problems to your bite or the surrounding teeth, they may recommend you have them extracted. This is just as simple as having any other teeth extracted. 

How are wisdom teeth removed?

If the wisdom teeth have not erupted, they will usually be located under the gum and require a slightly more complex surgery. Your dental surgeon will make a small incision in your gums in order to remove a portion of the bone that is found over the wisdom tooth itself. The wisdom tooth may be extracted in fragments in order to minimize the amount of bone removal. 


Misaligned wisdom teeth

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