Why do teeth need to be extracted?

Teeth can become damaged or chipped, or have decay that cannot be repaired by a filling, crown or alternative treatment. Sometimes teeth are removed to make room for orthodontic treatment. In all these cases, the tooth or teeth must be removed.

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Most removals are of those teeth that are visible in the mouth and not hidden under the gums. These extractions are done using a local anesthetic and without the use of any additional drugs.

Occasionally, surgical removal is required. This is when the tooth is not yet exposed and hasn't grown above the gum line. If a tooth requires removal and is still under the gums, it is slightly more complicated than other extractions. We always do our very best to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

At Oasispark Dental, we have many technologies and extra 'perks' to keep you comfortable, relaxed and minimize any discomfort.

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