What to expect when you visit Oasispark

Visit the dentist in a stress-free atmosphere – with Netflix, massage or even a paraffin wax hand treatment!

Oasispark Dental offers you a revolutionary experience in dental treatment care where we always seek your feedback to continuously improve your experience.  Transformed treatment areas, cutting-edge technology, a range of entertainment options and spa-like amenities aim to make your visit enjoyable and leave you feeling relaxed.

Friendly and caring patient care 

 When you first arrive at Oasispark Dental, you will be greeted by a Patient Care Specialist who will welcome you with a refreshing beverage, offer you a tour and answer all of your questions.  The Patient Care Specialist will be your dedicated point of contact throughout your entire visit.  An initial comprehensive oral exam will allow us to customize a dental plan that best meets your needs. 


Exciting entertainment options Reception area with black waiting chairs

If you need to make use of your downtime, or simply want to unwind -- we aim to please.  Our dental lights are built right into the ceiling, ensuring you have an unobstructed view of a wide range of entertainment selections.  Our large, well-positioned televisions offer you numerous channels, Netflix, movies – or you’re welcome to use the free wi-fi, iPad, or listen to a variety of music or podcasts (from meditation to comedy) on headphones.  Or you’re always welcome to bring your own music or entertainment!

Spa-like amenities

 Enjoy a relaxing massage in our massage chair, wear one of our neck and shoulder massagers or unwind with a complimentary paraffin wax treatment for your hands during your visit.  Spacious and private treatment areas, subtle and natural aromatherapy and the soothing sounds of our waterfall wall help to maximize your comfort and ensure you have the best experience possible.

Cutting-edge technology to minimize discomfort

 We offer cutting-edge technology to minimize or eliminate discomfort – even computerized single-tooth freezing.  Our equipment allows for easy and quick scans that mean high accuracy and fast diagnosis, leaving you well-informed and able to clearly understand your treatment options.  That means less time for you in the chair!  Our sterilization practices exceed safety requirements to reassure you that we have the utmost concern for your health.

A wide variety of solutions

 Whether you have dental benefits or are looking for more affordable options, we have a network of both Canadian-trained and foreign-trained specialists.  All our dentists have studied and are licensed in the province of Ontario.  Our foreign-trained specialists are licensed as general dentists in the province, and only charge general fees for all services.  

Clear, prioritized options

 At Oasispark, eliminating unnecessary anxiety begins by discussing your treatment in a comfortable and private setting -- not while you’re lying back in a chair. We offer complimentary consultations to reduce any anxiety and determine a treatment approach that best meets your needs.  We will track your benefit allowances to ensure you get the best care when you need it.  We do all the work, electronically submitting to your benefit company for you and confirming allowances prior to treatment to ensure coverage without surprises.

We strive to make your visit a great experience

We do continuous research, always looking for new and exciting ways to raise the bar -- and make your visit to the dentist a stress-free and unique experience that is pleasing and even enjoyable!

See for yourself.  Call or visit us today!

At Oasispark Dental we have a variety of services to satisfy your needs. The six major treatment areas are: