Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening - quick and painless!

In order for your dentist to consider your overall oral health, it is important to check for any possible signs of cancer. The dentist examines for oral cancer by simply observing and feeling around in your mouth, inspecting the inside of your cheeks, lips, roof and floor of the mouth, gum and tongue areas. The goal is to identify any signs early.


Various factors may increase your risk of developing oral cancer. These can include:

  • Men over 40 years of age
  • Consuming tobacco products (cigars, chewing tobacco, cigarettes)
  • Repeated sun exposure to the lips/mouth
  • Consuming alcohol frequently, and in large amounts
  • A history of leukoplakia
  • Patients with HPV
  • Diet with little to no fruits or vegetables



Regular visits to your dentist may help to prevent oral cancer! Prevention is improved by:

  • Regularly brushing your teeth
  • Eating a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables 
  • Using UV protected lip balm if your lips/mouth have constant exposure to the sun
  • Reducing or eliminating alcohol and tobacco consumption
Even the best prevention may not guarantee you'll never get oral cancer, but it can certainly reduce your risk.
If you see or feel any symptoms such as lumps in or around your mouth, white or red patches on your gums, swelling or numbness of gums or jaw, sores, and/or unusual bleeding or pain in the mouth that does not go away, come to Oasispark Dental to see one of our dentists today. Request an Appointment.
Call or come in and speak with a Patient Care Specialist to learn more about oral cancer screening at Oasispark Dental.

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