Ridge expansion

What is a ridge expansion?

When a tooth is lost or taken out, the bone is absorbed by the body, making it lose its thickness. A ridge expansion is performed when the jaw is not high or wide enough to support a dental implant. The jaw is expanded and sufficient bone graft is placed in order to support a dental implant. 

A ridge expansion may also be referred to as alveolar ridge splitting or bone expansion osteotomy

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How is ridge expansion done?

Your surgeon will begin by making an incision in your gums. The gum tissue is then pulled back to expose the jaw ridge. The jaw ridge is then separated with surgical tools. They will then pack a sufficient amount of bone graft material. The gum tissue is then stitched back into place. Once the bone graft material has hardened and joined to your jaw, the dental implant will be placed. 


Just like all surgical procedures, there is a risk of infections and bleeding. A main risk of a ridge expansion may be a fractured bone or bone separation.


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