Hygiene Education Program for Children

Start good habits early

A child's best dental health is built on a foundation of good hygiene habits. Good hygiene habits are best learned early, and the Hygiene Education Program for Children at Oasispark Dental provides education and awareness to help each child begin a lifetime of good hygiene habits, specific to their individual dental needs.

This customized approach ensures children are best prepared to practice their own personal dental hygiene. We provide information specific to each child's overall health and requirements to ensure that they know the best techniques appropriate for their unique dental health. We aim to empower children with the knowledge that eating and drinking habits, as well as home care -- impacts their dental condition.

This program provides children and their parents, with positive encouragement, resources, know-how and the tools they need for their best oral health.

We begin with a review of your child's medical, dental and personal information. This includes being aware of any existing health conditions and medications, as well as factors in their personal life such as diet restrictions, allergies, medical history, and any challenges, limitations or habits that may impact the overall care of their teeth.

The dental hygienist may have your child chew a plaque tablet to reveal areas of deposits on the teeth. This helps the child to understand what areas of their mouth they may miss when brushing their teeth and areas that may require greater attention when it comes to dental care at home.

Any issues of teeth development, sealants, gingivitis, abrasions, night time grinding or clenching or gum recession can be discussed. The hygienist will talk about how cavities grow and positively reinforce protective habits for your child that can help reduce issues with teeth later on.

We're ready to help!

For more information on the Hygiene Education Program for Children at Oasispark Dental, please contact us and speak with one of our Patient Care Specialists. We understand and are ready to help.

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