Afraid of Dentists

Fear of the dentist

Some people are nervous about visiting the dentist. Dental offices have occasionally been the subject of horror and thriller movies. Fear can also be passed on through generations of family, and from our friends. Some people have had dental experiences they'd like to forget. We want to assure you that even if you've had a negative experience in the past, you may change your mind after you visit Oasispark.

Relax... our philosophy is different

Come in and see for yourself. Drop in to meet our Patient Care Specialists for a quick tour, or even just to explore and have a look around. We've created a practice that has the look and feel of a relaxing spa, while still being a dental office.  We offer paraffin wax hand treatments and hot towels along with a realm of entertainment options -- all complimentary, to maximize your comfort.

Clumsy lights, unnecessary armrests and loads of exposed tools are a thing of the past at Oasispark. We offer both spacious and private treatment areas that don't have all the clutter of conventional dentist offices. Our lights are built right into the ceiling so the view of your personal entertainment is completely unobstructed. Some patients are so relaxed, they use their dental appointment to catch up on their sleep.

Modern technology

We use all of the current technologies to ease discomfort. Our computerized technology can freeze a single tooth without the use of a needle, injecting just the right amount of anesthetic between your tooth and gum, limiting the frozen area and reducing discomfort. We can also warm the temperature of the anesthetic to reduce discomfort. High tech digital imaging also helps achieve accurate and hassle-free pictures of your mouth.

Choosing Oasispark for your dental needs

If you decide to be a patient at Oasispark, the dentist will complete a comprehensive oral exam that will allow us to properly assess and diagnose the entire scope of your oral health needs. We will help you outline any required treatment and always provide you with a clear breakdown of costs.

Oasispark provides a wide array of services

Most patients visit us for these reasons:

Cleaner teeth or fresher breath

Nicer, straighter or whiter teeth

Need to replace missing teeth

Pain, discomfort or bleeding gums

Can't find what you're looking for?

Come in and visit us for a free consultation. Or you can click here for a complete list of available services.

At Oasispark Dental we have a variety of services to satisfy your needs. The six major treatment areas are: