Pain or discomfort

If your teeth hurt or you have any pain or discomfort in your mouth – don’t wait! Even the smallest of issues can grow to be larger problems if you leave pain untreated. Not only can little issues become more painful, they can also become more expensive.

We will treat the pain quickly and determine what is going on with an examination. The exam, hi-tech, digital x-rays and intraoral pictures help us to see all of the layers of tooth and bone and understand exactly what is causing pain for you. This enables us to determine the proper treatment approach. We want you to feel comfortable, and our manner of dental treatment always remains the same -- we involve you every step of the way and discuss all the options with you first.

Oasispark provides various services to help with pain and discomfort:

Pain can be caused from an injury, maybe a specific area of your mouth has been bothering you, or you have swelling, some decay or you’ve had a previous treatment that is now giving you trouble. You may be grinding or clenching during sleep, have stress or alignment issues from a previous injury, or orthodontics, dentures and bridge appliances may not be fitting properly. Discomfort can also be caused by tooth sensitivity from weakening enamel or gum recession. At Oasispark Dental we have a gum specialist to ensure any gum pain can be diagnosed and properly treated.

Oasispark Patient Care Specialists are always available to help. We offer free consultations with the dentist to discuss your concerns.

Contact us with any questions, to come in and meet the dentist, for a tour or to make an appointment.

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At Oasispark Dental we have a variety of services to satisfy your needs. The six major treatment areas are: